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Where to go, what to see, and why you should see it. Poland has a little bit of everything — mountains, beaches, forests, lakes, even deserts. 

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5 Things to See and Do in Gdańsk, Poland

If you're ready to deepen your exploration of Gdańsk, here are five places from my recent trip to Gdańsk that you shouldn't miss.

Gdańsk: Gateway to Northern Poland

Recently, I spent a week in Gdańsk and the surrounding area. Read on for what you should see in the heart of the city and how to use your trip to Gdańsk as a launchpad to explore northern Poland.

5 Architectural Gems in Wrocław

I’ve collected a few modern and post-modern spots as well as their histories – some of them are quite wacky! – in one post.

Ostrów Tumski: What to See on Wrocław's Cathedral Island

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous – and stunning – sights of Wrocław is the view of Ostrów Tumski, Cathedral Island. If you're looking to visit, find out what you shouldn't miss in this historic and beautiful part of the city.

The Largest Castle in the World: Malbork Castle

The largest castle in the world is located in Malbork, Poland. Although impressive in its size, its history is just as fascinating. Before you visit, find out all you need to know, as well as the little details that make it so unique.

The 5 Most Beautiful Spots in Wrocław at Christmas

Read on for the places you can't miss if you're looking for a cozy way to celebrate the season.